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A symphony concert is a musical performance that features an orchestra playing works from the symphonic repertoire. A symphony is a large-scale orchestral work that typically consists of several movements and is designed to be performed by an ensemble of musicians. 

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Symphonic concerts can range in size and scale, from small chamber orchestras to large symphony orchestras with hundreds of musicians. They are often performed in concert halls, although they may also take place in other venues, such as churches, theaters, or outdoor spaces. 
The repertoire for symphony concerts typically consists of well-known works from the classical canon, such as Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, and Mozart's Symphony No. 40. However, symphony concerts may also feature more contemporary works and compositions from a wide range of styles and genres. 

Symphony concerts can be an enjoyable and enlightening experience for music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. The sound of a full symphony orchestra, with its many instruments and sections, can be awe-inspiring, and hearing a live performance of a well-known symphony can be a thrilling experience. 
Overall, symphony concerts are an important part of the classical music tradition and continue to be a popular and well-attended form of musical entertainment.
The acknowledged Classical Orchestra has been giving outstanding concerts in the Netherlands and Europe. The musicians are young professional instrumentalists. What unites them is a passion for the Classical and Romantic repertoire. 
What distinguishes them is the players’ enthusiasm and appearance. The sparkling language of classical and romantic music is given full space. The orchestra has been accompanied by world-class soloists.