Educational concerts are designed to introduce classical music to a wider audience, often including children and young people. These concerts typically aim to make classical music more accessible and appealing to those who may not have had an introduction to the classical repertoire.

The format of educational concerts can vary, but our concerts often involve a combination of performance and explanation. For example, the conductor gives an introduction to the music being performed, explaining the historical context and highlighting key elements of the composition.
In addition to introducing people to classical music, educational concerts can also help to build appreciation and understanding of the art form. By breaking down the music into its components and explaining the unique elements, these concerts can provide a deeper understanding of the music and its place in the classical repertoire.
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Overall, educational concerts play an important role in promoting classical music and making it accessible to a wider audience, helping to build a new generation of music lovers and listeners.
Educational concerts for high school students can be a valuable learning experience, helping to introduce students to classical music and build their appreciation and understanding of the art form.

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In these concerts, high school students can hear live performances of classical music, which can be a powerful experience. They can see and hear the musicians and instruments up close, which can help to bring the music to life for them. Additionally, educational concerts often include elements of explanation and analysis, helping students to better understand what they are hearing and why it is significant. 

In addition to the musical experience, educational concerts can also help high school students to develop important skills such as critical listening and analysis. By learning to listen carefully to the music and think critically about what they are hearing, students can gain a deeper appreciation of the art form and develop their own musical tastes and preferences. Overall, educational concerts can be an excellent opportunity for high school students to learn about and experience classical music, and to develop a lifelong appreciation for the art form.