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Choirs from operas play an important role in the performance of lyrical works, providing musical support and adding depth and complexity to the music. Some of the highlights of choir performances in operas include: 
Grand Choral Scenes: Many operas feature grand choral scenes, where the choir joins with the soloists and orchestra to create a powerful and memorable musical moment. 

Chorus of the Peoples: Some operas, such as Verdi's ‘Nabucco,’ feature a chorus of the peoples, where the choir represents the voice of the people and adds to the emotional impact of the opera.

A classical performance choir event is a concert featuring a choir that performs classical choral music. This type of event typically showcases the vocal abilities of the choir and the beauty of classical choral works.
Classical choral music has a long and rich history, dating back to the medieval period, and includes works by composers such as Bach, Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven. This music is often performed by choirs and is characterized by its intricate harmonies, complex polyphonic textures, and beautiful melodies.

In a classical performance choir event, the choir typically performs a variety of works, ranging from classical choral masterpieces to more modern compositions. The choir may be accompanied by an orchestra, a pianist, or may perform unaccompanied.
These events can be held in a variety of venues, from concert halls to theaters and outdoor spaces. They can also be designed for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, from classical music aficionados to those who are new to the genre.
Classical performance choir events can be a wonderful opportunity for audiences to experience the beauty of classical choral music and to appreciate the skill and artistry of the choir. These events are also an important part of preserving the classical choral tradition and keeping this timeless art form alive and relevant.